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Business Hosting

Make Your Business
The Most Powerful
Bring Your Business The Power Of  A Server
Without The Technical Side
As low as $15/mo
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Show What Your Business Got!

Enhance the potential of your business, enhance its ability to attract customers, and make the most out of the opportunities available to your venture. Our fast-paced virtual private server will ensure your business shines in front of the market.

Just What Your Business Needs
Create an Up-Tick of Sales

With a fast-paced website, you will now be able to retain your customers and ensure they discover more about your business. After all, many users leave the site if it doesn’t load quickly. But not anymore!

Always Up & Operational

More traffic is excellent. But sometimes, websites are unable to experience the load and end up crashing down. This is why we ensure that your website keeps on running amidst the rising wave of customers.

Build It In Any Way

From videos to photos, whatever you want to put on your site, you can do so. Our powerful resource support will ensure that you can build your website without sharing your resources with others.

What kind of sites need Business Hosting?

Full-etch SSL Security

With various layers of server-level security, you can run your website without worrying about external intrusions. The unlimited SSL certificate on your site will ensure you keep running your site while the visitors feel safe and secure.

Fast-paced Site— CPU and RAM.

With a super-speed CPU and RAM, you can now have a top-notch processing and memory resource to power your website. How well does it sound?

1-click install — over 150 free apps.

Get more than 150 free applications and integrate them with your site without any issue. Our technical support will guide you throughout the process, so you don’t scratch your head wondering how everything works.

Our Business Hosting Pricing Packages
Get a pricing package that best fits your requirements.
Best Value
Integrate SEO Features with your platform
As low as
$14.99 /mo
On sale - Save 40%
$20.99/mo when you renew*
More security, storage, and chances for online marketing
As low as
$19.99 /mo
On sale - Save 40%
$27.99/mo when you renew*
Build a custom online store ready to function immediately
As low as
$24.99 /mo
On sale - Save 40%
$34.99/mo when you renew*
Built to power the apps you love.
See how Business Hosting stacks up.
Ease of use
Shared Hosting
As low as
$3.00 /mo
Business Hosting
As low as
$3.00 /mo
VPS Hosting
As low as
$3.00 /mo
business hosting
Run Your Business
Like An Expert

Say Goodbye to technical issues and hello to a new business experience.

Frequently asked questions
What is Business Hosting?

As businesses grow, more power is required in order to support hosting. This is why business hosting is preferred by many ventures, allowing them to run their online operations with the help of a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This VPS can run without the need of a server administration while providing you technical support, as well as more resources in terms of extended RAM, bandwidth, and CPU.

Is it difficult to upgrade to this plan?

Not at all. We make it super easy to upgrade your site from web hosting to business hosting. Our single click migration is what you need to transfer everything without uninstalling or deleting anything important.

Which default email service comes with it?

Business Hosting comes with default cPanel email where you can create unlimited accounts for free. Or you can use the one-user Business Email plan that’s included free for the first year.

What are the benefits of Business Hosting?

Simplicity: You get the same easy-to-use cPanel control panel you’re using with our shared hosting. You don’t need server administration skills to manage Business Hosting.

Dedicated Resources: The memory and disk space that come with your Business Hosting are dedicated so they’ll always be available for your use.

Complete Isolation: Because you have dedicated resources, your website will never be affected by other websites on your server.

How quickly can I get my Business Hosting?

It won’t take a lot of time to avail of our services. In fact, you can get our services immediately by contacting us. We will ensure to provide a timely service

What does it mean by PCI compliance?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI) basically help in protecting the credit card information. This is particularly crucial in order to keep your information safe and secure.

What is AutoSSL?
AutoSSL is a free alternative to paid SSL certificates. With AutoSSL, your sites are automatically secured with a free, Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate by Sectigo. Your SSL certificate will stay up-to-date and auto renew on your behalf. 
How does AutoSSL work?

AutoSSL automatically assigns an DV SSL Certificate to websites created or managed within the cPanel account. With AutoSSL enabled, your websites are automatically secured with a free SSL Certificate. Upon expiration, your new SSL Certificate is automatically requested and assigned.

Is AutoSSL a cost-effective way to keep your sites secure?

Yes, AutoSSL is free and included as part of your hosting plan. It automatically assigns and renews an SSL Certificate to your site and every site in your cPanel account will be automatically assigned an SSL Certificate.

How much does an AutoSSL cost?

Nothing. AutoSSL is provided as a part of all Business Hosting plans. No additional charge applies.